Product description


Fall Detection Protective Airbag Vest(Construction Airbag )

When the fall detection sensor detects about 25cm of free fall, it protects the human body by inflating the airbag of each main part in less than 0.2 seconds, and it is shockbuffering rate of about 55% at about 3.5 meters, .It can be reused only by replacing cartridges by applying non-powder  inflator instead of explosive ignition-type inflator. It can mount and dismount safety harness and add GPS information transmission function.


Smart safety harness system

Specially Designed Detection Hook Sensor and master device are used to identify dangerous and non-dangerous areas, hook connection, and body mounting status to safety helmet-mounted LED indicators. The on-site display device and remote Monitoring application is a new concept of fall prevention system.


Equestrian and Motorcycle airbags

It is a lever-type inflator airbag that has a maximum shock buffering  effect of up to 81% by fully inflating the airbag built in the main body within a maximum of 0.2 seconds at the moment of the motorcycle and horse  riding crash, and is reusable. Unlike existing wearble airbags, it can be re-mounted in less than 5 seconds without tools and it is designed to fit the body shape, so you can add GPS information transmission function


Wear detection helmet

It is a wearable safety helmet that detects whether or not a safety helmet is worn by sensing the movement of a human body, rather than a general pressure type load sensing. It is a product that can be integrated with a smart safety harness system.


Multi-structure foldable disaster cap

Multi-structure foldable disaster cap consisting of inner and outer multi-structure guards and airbags for the purpose of minimizing head injuries caused by falling objects and accidents during earthquakes.


Emergency signal stick

Emergency signal stick which is fully inflated to 2 meters length within 10 seconds by the emergency signal device to prevent accidents due to breakdown or accident and can be mounted on the front or rear glass or side of the vehicle and has reflector and flashing function at night.