Holding technology


3D Design

SAFEON has more than 20 years of design expertise, including world-class airbag authority, based on 3D design for the development and design of safety gears including airbags and safety harness and inflators.

Sensor-type (electronic and electric ignition) inflator

SAFEON has independently developed and applied the world's first electric ignition-type inflator that eliminates noise and heat.
We have completed the development of non-powder electronic -type inflator that can be reused only by replacing the cartridge.

Trigger-type (wire-sensor) Inflator

SAFEON trigger-type inflator is an innovative wire-sensor type inflator that can be used with a lever-type turntable for a tool-free inflator that has been unchanged for over 20 years,

Structure and Flow Analysis

SAFEON aims to make safe and efficient safety gears through structure and flow analysis experts through structural analysis for inflator, safety harness as well as flow analysis for airbag structure.

MEMS 9-axis motion sensing

SAFEON has 30 years' experience in sensors and telecommunication professionals. Through the integration of various sensors and sensing methods, SAFEON has been introduced as one of the world's leading safety  gears manufacturer by Lux Research.



SAFON's safety gears uses ICT and IOT functions as an option to facilitate emergency assistance, management, personnel status, and communicate with each other.



SAFEON combines Flaco video surveillance technology, which led the domestic and overseas intelligent object recognition market, with various sensor and communication technologies, and provides self-learning based on deep learning through automatic and semi-automatic data collection processing, key pattern and database extraction and application analysis, Based AI technology and various wired and wireless communication technologies.

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